Sulcis Iglesiente and its long history

Mines and archaeological sites, the Sulcis safeguards an incredible historical and cultural heritage


The Sulcis region is home to incredible treatures that await to be discovered by curious visitors and enthusiasts alike.

The Sulcis Iglesiente still has traces of the intense mining activity carried out in Sardinia in the 20th century. Furthermore, the world’s first Geo-mineral Park is located right here, and it boasts 3800 sq km of mining sites.

You will be able to take exciting excursions to discover the Montevecchio Mines, in Guspini, and the Rosas Mines, in Narcao, departing directly from our Hotel. In addition, the Sulcis area is also rich in unique and interesting archaeological sites, such as the Montessu Necropolis in Villaperuccio, the Antas Temple in Fluminimaggiore and the Tratalias Cathedral, an example of Pisan-romanesque style.
Only a stone’s throw away from the hotel, you will be able to visit the Nuraghe of Sant’Anna Arresi, situated in the town’s main square, between the two churches dedicated to Sant’Anna.